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All of Nobilia’s kitchen worktops have one thing in common: Even after years of use, they all retain their outstanding good looks and dependable stability.

Worktops must be able to stand up to the most varied kitchen tasks as well as guarantee the highest degree of hygiene and longevity. But, they are also a prominent design element. In order to guarantee the durability and beauty of your Nobilia worktop for years to come, we use only select and proven raw materials. Our kitchen worktops are available for you in countless colours and textures. You will find detailed information in our design overview.

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Worktop APN, 38 mm with N edge

With this type of front edge, the laminate panel is coated all the way around both rounded front edges.

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Xtra Worktops, 16, 38 and 100 mm

Xtra tops not only look chic but also offer lots of tangible benefits which mean that they are in a class of their own. The innovative functional layer prevents water from penetrating and thus making the countertop swell. This makes the top more water resistant than a conventional top. Flush-mounted installation of technically approved hot plates and sinks is also possible (only applies to 38 mm). The seamless transition between worktop and hob or sink provides a special aesthetic appeal and at the same time improves ease of cleaning. The Xtra laminate surface increases the overall impact resistance of the top. Xtra worktops are therefore especially robust and particularly well suited to the demands of everyday kitchen life. Alle Xtra-Arbeitsplatten in 38 mm Stärke sind jetzt mit der antibakteriell wirkenden Oberfläche microPLUS® ausgestattet.

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Worktop APD, 38 mm with décor edge

Here all 90° outer corners are supplied in square design. A rounded design is also optionally available with an outer radius of 20 mm and inner corners with a radius of 30 mm.

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Xtra Ceramic worktops, 16 mm

The patented Xtra Ceramic worktop is manufactured using an innovative composite construction method. The 16 mm thick worktop comprises 6 mm solid ceramic on a 10 mm lightweight backing layer of recycled glass. Combined with its impact-resistant design edge, Xtra Ceramic is ideal for the extra demands of everyday kitchen life. The scratch-resistant and aesthetically pleasing surface as well as the water-resistant features of the worktop mean that it is also suitable for use in the bathroom and will give your living space a natural look. As with the Xtra worktop, flush-mounted installation of technically approved hot plates and sinks is also possible.

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Slim Line worktop, 16 mm thick with décor edge

Standard worktops are 40 mm thick. Our Slim Line panels are particularly sophisticated and virtually just as sturdy with their thickness of only 16 mm.

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Quartz worktops,
12 and 38 mm

Quartz worktops impress with their high quality, natural-looking appearance and exceptional usability. The advantages: Even without extra impregnation, quartz is waterproof. The surfaces are particularly easy to clean and hygienic. This makes them perfect for kitchen and bathroom designs. Quartz worktops are available in thicknesses 12 and 38 mm. The corresponding niche cladding is 12 mm thick. As with the Xtra worktop, flush-mounted installation of technically approved hot plates and sinks is also possible.


Nobilia worktops are individually cut for every kitchen floor plan. From our wide selection of worktops here you can filter out the one that is a perfect match for your dream kitchen.

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